Wildwood AFS

Kenai, Alaska 1965 - 1972
Our Reunions Are A Great Time, Where We Can Still Be Kids
2004 May 15 - 18 Lexington KY, Hosted by the late, great Steve Westmeyer
Please plan for our next reunion scheduled for May 18 - 21, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV
2006 June 24 - 27 Colorado Springs, CO, Hosted by Sue and Dave Horaz
2008 June 26 - 29 Nashville, TN
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2010 June 24 - 27 Branson, MO, Hosted by Warren Bjornebo
In September of 2010, a small group of Wildwood vet's got together for a mini reunion, click here to view video. L to R; Jim Barker, Jack Wildon, Lee Barz, Joe "Moose" Michalec