Wildwood AFS

Kenai, Alaska 1965 - 1972
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History Of Wildwood
Wildwood Air Force Station was located three miles north of Kenai, Alaska. Wildwood was originally known as Wildwood Army Station, constructed by the U.S. Army as a military communications base in 1951 (completed 1953). In December of 1965, it was transferred to the U.S. Air Force and became known as Wildwood Air Force Station. The station served as an automatic digital network (AUTODIN) switching center serving Alaskan tributary terminals as part of the worldwide AUTODIN Communications System. In July of 1972 it was turned over to the Kenai Native Association as part of the Alaska Native land claims settlement. In 1983, the State of Alaska leased a portion of the facility for use as a correctional and pre-trial facility, with an option to buy at the end of three years, a purchase which took place in December 1992. It is now called Wildwood Correctional Complex, or "Wally-World" by the locals.
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